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News: Spammers Targeting Specific Providers



Spammers Targeting Specific Providers


Since the beginning of this month (April), there has been a substantial increase in spammers utilizing legitimate email addresses to propogate spam and other email borne malware including viruses and phishing attacks.  Some of the specific providers in these frequent attacks include;;;; and

Several email addresses which we have identified in the past as acceptable into our email system have been part of this increased spam activity.  Most of the time, the legitimate user of said accounts do not have the slightest clue this is happening to them, however, they might see a lot of undeliverable messages in their mailboxes.  This is the first indication your account may in some way have been compromised. 

Please do not contact your provider because this will set you into a never ending loop of anguish and frustration.  The provider will ask a multitude of questions and then the end result will be is that the blame will fall on your shoulders.

Here are some recommendations on how to handle this issue.

  1. Stop using the account to send any messages to anyone.
  2. Make sure your antispam solution is up to date.
  3. Export all items from your contact list/address book and then delete the existing address book.
  4. Create a new address book and verify all contacts to ensure their accuracy. 
  5. Carefully observe the email messages in your inbox.  Never respond to any email with an unknown or questionable source.
  6. Consideration for where and what you click on within different websites.
  7. Bottom line, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is not true.

Here are some additional recommendations for sound email usage:

  1. ​Consider setting up a separate email account and address to use for official business and another for personal and yet another for any type of Internet based transactions where the account could be compromised. 
  2. The accounts you set up can never be intermixed.  Do not forward messages between the accounts.
  3. Use some type of malware detection and removal on all systems.  Even if they are not exposed directly to the Internet.






Created at 6/26/2014 4:44 PM by Eric Etheredge
Last modified at 6/26/2014 4:44 PM by Eric Etheredge