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News: Attention AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail Users



Attention AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail Users


If you use either AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail for email service, then please read carefully.

Our office maintains a high level of security related to email communications.  If you send email to our office from one of these services, you stand a chance ranging from about 20-33% of your message not getting through to our office.  The reason is because each of those services (and there are others) that offer free email accounts and anyone can sign up.  In the past, spammers have used these services to distribute their spam throughout the Internet.  Many of the the Mail servers used for sending mail from AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail are listed on what's known as a RBL or Realtime Block List Service.  These services use a mail server's reputation to either allow or block messages from entering an email system.

We at the Office of the Standing Trustee utilize these services to manage the flow of spam into our email system. 

If you do not receive a reply message from our office with OST Receipt and it has been longer than three hours, then there's a very strong chance your message tried to leave one of the servers listed on a RBL.  If you receive a bounced message for a message sent to, then please call our office immediately and we will work with you to get it resolved.  (This is actually true for any email; not just from AOL Yahoo or Hotmail.)​






Created at 6/26/2014 4:44 PM by Eric Etheredge
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